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Self Maintained Contracts 

If you choose the self-maintained option for your contract it is your responsibility to maintain the servicing and repair of your vehicle throughout the contract.  
Failure to have the vehicle serviced at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer may lead to damage and invalidation of the vehicle warranty. In that event, any costs will be passed on to yourself or your company. 

Maintained Contracts 

If your vehicle includes the Maintenance option the details below will assist you with further information on the maintenance of your vehicle. 
This information is to help you to use the services we provide under your contract, it also sets out those functions for which you and your company are responsible. Please read the contents carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. 
You need to select a franchised dealer of your choice for your make of vehicle where it is best for you. Please instruct the servicing dealer your vehicle is a lease vehicle and to use 1Link to authorise the repair. 

Servicing and Maintenance 

Servicing and Maintenance, if covered by your maintenance contract should be handled by your designated franchised dealer who will carry out: 
Servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. 
The servicing dealer must use the 1Link system for authorisation. 
Repairs and replacement parts as necessary (Please note that the supplier will need to seek approval from us before proceeding with any work over and above routine servicing). 
If you have a maintained contract, you can book your service or vehicle maintenance here: (remember you must choose a franchised main dealer) 

The following costs are not covered: 

Failure to have the vehicle serviced at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer may lead to damage and invalidation of the vehicle's warranty. In that event, any costs will be passed on to yourself or your company. 
Oils, AdBlue and washer solution between servicing 
Engine tuning 
Washing or valeting 
Punctures, early replacement of tyre due to puncture, run-flat or damaged tyre. A proportion of the remaining tread will be recharged. 
Bodywork, trim, glass, lights and mirrors 

Tyres and Batteries 

The condition of your tyres affects your safety and is your responsibility: 
Check the tyre pressures regularly and inspect the condition of the tread. 
A list of our approved tyre and battery suppliers appears below and can also be found in the Woodfield handbook given to you at the time of vehicle collection. 
Where there are signs of uneven wear you should ask your servicing dealer or one of the recommended tyre suppliers to check the tracking. 
The replacement of worn tyres as a result of faulty tracking, incorrect tyre pressures or damage (run-flat / sidewall damage) will be recharged. 
We will not accept charges for work arising as a result of the jacking equipment being incomplete. 
Battery replacement must only be supplied by your servicing dealer or by one of the specialist suppliers. 

We have accounts with the following approved partners: 


Please ensure that anti-freeze is maintained by the servicing dealer to the recommended level and strength prior to the onset of the winter period. Any charges incurred through negligence on this point will not be accepted and will be forwarded to yourself or your company. 

Windscreens & Window Damage 

This is not covered by your maintenance contract. In the event of damage, you should contact your fleet department or consult your insurance policy. 

Road Fund Licences 

Your road fund licence will be automatically renewed throughout the duration of the contract. This can be confirmed on the DVLA website:  


The Manufacturer of your new vehicle will provide an emergency breakdown service (this can be for a different number of years). You will find the procedures and phone number in the owner’s handbook. 
A Breakdown Fleet Rescue Card is available from us upon request once the vehicle manufacturers cover expires if your contract includes breakdown cover. 

Breakdown Fleet Rescue covers: 

Roadside Assistance: - Minor repairs and adjustments can be carried out at the roadside. 
Please note we do not provide Rescue cover outside the UK 
Relay: Where a repair cannot be carried out within a reasonable time, recovery of the car to the nearest franchised dealer or onward transportation of the vehicle and the driver and up to four passengers to home, office or destination in the UK 
These services are available 24 hours per day and 365 days 
In case of breakdown, you should be ready to provide: - 
Make, Model and Registration number of your car. 
The nature or cause of the problem. 
The membership number on your membership card. 
Your location. 

Fitting of Accessories 

Accessories may only be fitted with prior approval of Woodfield Facilities and will only be considered if the car is to be returned with the accessories or if you or your company agree to meet the cost of making good any damage arising from the removal of them. Tow bars where approved must be fitted by one of the servicing agents or a specialist supplier. 

Fines and Fixed Penalties 

Fines and fixed penalties are the responsibility of you or your company. As owners and registered keepers of the vehicle, we will, if called upon, supply to the authorities any details required and in the event that fines and penalties are not paid, seek reimbursement plus an administration charge, full details are in the terms and conditions of your contract. 

End of contract condition of the vehicle 

The vehicle should be returned with all the accessories and equipment it was supplied with, in good repair and condition commensurate with age and mileage. 
Woodfield will contact you towards the end of your contract with dates and details regarding the return, a checklist will be provided as well as offering a free check of your vehicle prior to its return. 


The responsibility for fully comprehensive insurance cover for the vehicle throughout the period of the hire rests with the hirer of the vehicle. You must inform your insurance company that the vehicle is leased and you are therefore not the registered owner of the vehicle. 
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